Our Equipment

"Margot" "Ben Elliot" "Mame Faye"

MH2675 Spuded Down
at the Crest of the Vischer Ferry Dam

Rental Barges available from 14x30 to 36x165 some with spuds and drilling man holes. We can Roll-On, Roll-Off your Equipment, Cranes, Drill Rigs, Man Lifts, Conex Boxes, Etc. at Our Yard.

Barges modified to suit contractors needs. Deck Winches, Cable Reels, Spud Wells and Deck Fixtures fabricated and installed. Materials offloaded from truck and transloaded onto barge for delivery to your Marine Construction Site. Sectional arrays assembled. Barges and Equipment prepared for Canal transit including Air Draft reduction, Potable Water ballasting and Fender installations.

Contact us for a for Charter Rates and a listing of Barge availability.

Ex-YFN Modified for Canal Transit

Drill Rig on 14x30 "Self Spuding" Barge
Sectional Barge Arrays Assembled and Mobilized
20x50 Rental Barge
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