Our Services

General Towing
Project Cargo
Ship Assist
Contractor Support

Trimaran Redelivered on the Mohawk River with the Aide of Buoyant Devices

Vessels Undgrounded, Sunken Vessels Raised
& Wrecks Removed

Our Salvage Equipment is on Standby including Tugs from 265hp to 1600hp, Barge Mounted Cranes and 100,000#'s capacity of Buoyant Devices. We maintain an Over the Road Trailer equipped with Pumps, Dive Gear, Rigging and Buoyant Devices available for Quick Response.

Salvage Services performed by Contract or No Cure No Pay. We are a TowBOAT/US Affiliate and offer Assistance Towing on the Upper Hudson and Mohawk Rivers & NYS Canal System. Our Published Contract Salvage Rates are available upon request.

Canal Boat removed from Rock Strand on Hudson River

Damaged Yacht Towed from Canada to US along Saint Lawrence Seaway

Heavy Lift Crane, Buoyant Devices, Salvage Patches and Pumps Utilized to Raise Excursion Boat on Hudson River

Burned and Sunken Vessel Raised for Forensic Investigation

Vessel Raised with Buoyant Devices

Trawler Yacht Freed from Strand on Hudson River

Ship's Anchor Recovered

Sailboat Refloated after Dragging Anchor

Tug Yacht Freed from Shoal on Champlain Canal

Property and Vessels Assisted after Flood

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